Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sore Tummy, Fever....Constipation

It has been a very, very long night. I have been running a fever since yesterday afternoon...my stomach/pouch area has been hurting since Sunday (which I am hoping is due to constipation, the lesser of evils) Last night I felt so physically awful that I could only sit and cry, just wanting to make it to the morning to take my son to camp and then to my appointment with Dr. B. today. He was in surgery all day yesterday and so he never called me back. I'm so scared of something happening to me and not being able to take care of my son. I have been up since 4 a.m., unable to get comfortable in bed but the aches and tummy pain are too bad despite taking Tylenol. I just want to feel up to the task of taking care of my little boy pronto.

So the first thing Dr. B. said as he walked into the examining room was "I was supposed to call you back last night. What's going on?" I filled him in. He felt my belly, said that it felt pretty good considering I'm backed up. He said we can't even address fixing the fissures until the constipation issue is resolved otherwise they will just recur. He prescribed Enulose Syrup, a sugar that basically irritates the colon to get it moving along. He said it basically came before Miralax and I won't have to take as much of it to get the benefit. He said if the abdominal pain and fever aren't better in the next day or so that I’ll need to call him and he'll want to do blood work and possibly a CT scan. I'm waiting until I get home from work this evening to take the Enulose...I'd much rather be in my own home using my own bathroom if the runs are finally going to come.

I'm still running a temp and my body aches all over...but this too shall pass. He said some folks occasionally run a temp with constipation...that it would be unlikely to be any kind of post-op infection at 6 weeks out (which I agree with him on). If the constipation continues this severely, he said we'll stop the iron for a couple of weeks until I'm more regulated and try again.

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