Thursday, August 9, 2007

One Month Post-op

One month post-op! I’ve lost about 15.5 lbs. in the past month. Not too bad. I had a week or two where I lost nothing, but I was prepared for that to happen and I knew I was doing everything I should be doing (drinking, having my CIB, etc.) so it wasn’t possible for me to not lose eventually. I have done really, really well. I’ve managed to get in my protein every day, and though not all of my fluids, most of them. I haven’t mourned food as some people say they do. I never really thought of anything as being off-limits for the rest of my life…just that it might be a while before I could have some things in moderate quantities. Nothing feels lost forever.

I'm now making the transition to "regular food" again nicely. It's good to eat, and good to feel restriction. It makes me feel so much more in control than the constant hunger I had before surgery. I went back to work far earlier than I wanted to (they called me on day 9 post-op, and I started working from home that day, and then back in the office on my two week surgiversary). I have done my best to keep up...and I think I’ve done darn well. Occasionally it catches up with me and well, I'm one person, doing a lot (raising my son, working full time, recovering from surgery)...and the one thing I can't afford to lose is my's why I did this in the first place. So when it gets too much and I’m fatigued (which happens towards the end of the day), I head home early.

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