Monday, August 13, 2007

Close Call While Eating

I am 5 weeks out today and have done very well compared to many. However, I still have my moments, like this entire weekend. I tend to wake up with a queasy tummy. I have found that I tolerate cottage cheese and canned fruit (peaches, pears) well and then my tummy is happier and doesn't get queasy for hours on end. That said, last night I still had an issue while I was eating my dinner. I had made sword fish kabobs with peppers and tomatoes. I was going along just fine (I chew really well, so well that most things don't require me to swallow, they just kind of dissolve eventually in my mouth), and then about 3 bites into the fish, I had that feeling like it was stuck...and my mouth started to water like it does just before I'm ready to vomit. Now, I have yet to vomit since I've had surgery...I'm deathly afraid of I've learned to close my eyes, relax and breath as deeply as I can and visualize everything going down smoothly. So far that has worked for me. But last night was darn close.

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