Friday, April 18, 2008

Weepy And Cranky And Bloated

I called Dr. B's office this morning and left a message. I hate calling and leaving messages/asking questions sometimes because I feel like everything I'm experiencing is normal and they're just going to tell me that it's normal...and sometimes that just doesn't help me feel any better to tell me that. I am bloated, constipated, and getting crankier by the minute because I am full of poop. I have taken my Colace, my Benefiber, eaten a high fiber diet as usual, gotten 80+ oz. of water each day, taken my daily dose of Enulose, and then last night, added a dose of Milk of Magnesia. And still, I am bloated and uncomfortable and cranky. So, I called to leave a message asking at what point should I be concerned that stuff is going in but not coming out. The person taking the message said that it's because I'm taking pain meds. Well, yes, I know that...and I know they are constipating. I am trying to hold off as long as possible on taking them (no more often than every 8 hours). But shouldn't all the other stuff I'm doing counteract that to some degree? Shouldn't SOMETHING be coming out? When should I be worried? I feel embarrassed for calling Dr. B's office and leaving a message. I am just so damn afraid at this point of becoming impacted and passing a stool that is monstrous and hard. And the fear is starting to get to me and now I'm crying. I should just go to bed and sleep for a while.

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