Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On The Mend

Yesterday was my fissurectomy and sphincterotomy. All went well and I was home by about 2 p.m. resting pretty comfortably. Between keeping an ice pack wedged between my bum cheeks and the pain meds, I'm doing ok. Sore, but ok. I can only imagine the position I must have been in on the table though. My thighs feel like I did 200 squats or something yesterday, and my back is sore as well. I'm glad I was out for all that positioning. I haven't had a BM yet, and I'm hoping my body holds off for another day so that I can avoid excruciating pain. But, if it happens it happens. The pain is much, much less than I anticipated...I think I must have just become so accustomed to horrible pain in my rectum that really, anything else seems pretty mild in comparison. The anesthesiologist mentioned that my iron is low, not so low that they wouldn't operate, but he wanted to make sure someone was aware of it and following up on that. I told him we had upped it a month earlier...apparently that hasn't made much of a difference. I emailed Melinda about that today and I'll wait to hear from her on what (if anything) to do.

Zachary is a sweetheart. He feels bad for me that my bum hurts and that I have to wear an ice pack in my underwear (yes, he has asked what the heck I'm doing with the ice pack when I get it out of the freezer and he never sees where it's being used). He was also quite bummed that I get to stay home and he doesn't. He wanted to know who was going to take care of me. I told him I'd be ok on my own, and I'd just be resting. He wants to be home resting too. He is one very, very sweet little boy.

I think I'll be good to go back to work Monday and hopefully even back to the gym then too. I have to say, the OR staff didn't find my jokes funny yesterday though. Being tax day and all, I made some jokes about "if the IRS wants a piece of my butt, they'll have to stand in line." Not even a smile was cracked. Ah well.

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