Friday, February 22, 2008

V's Secret

So let me share with you my experience of shopping at Victoria’s Secret in person. It was back in November, right after Thanksgiving, and I was feeling good about my body. Key word, WAS. I went in there and tried on some bras. NOTHING looked good. Nothing frilly and pretty looked good on me. Nothing plain and simple looked good on me. In VS sizes, my cup size was down to a C (in every other brand of bra I'm wearing a D cup still, though barely). I bought nothing because I felt so disgusted with how I looked. I felt like I had been kidding myself all along that I would ever look good in VS stuff again (yes, there was a time I looked good in it, many moons ago).

And so, it has taken me this long, almost 3 months, to be willing to try again. This time, it was with the intent of buying a bra that would be very supportive and uplifting of the it looked with clothes on top was all that mattered. I ordered online, knowing what size I should be. That is how I shopped this time. I used my own mirror at home to cast judgment on myself...and found myself much less harsh this time around than last. The fantasy of feeling sexy and pretty in the store is so not mine anymore.

Today, I'm wearing one of my new bras. You know what? My boobs DO look better in my clothing. They are higher, rounder and just look better. And I showed myself that yes, I was worth spending a little more on a better bra. It's ok to do that occasionally (money is tight, so expenditures on non-necessities, like really GOOD bras instead of average ones that simply do the basic job, usually get dismissed). Mission accomplished.

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