Monday, March 10, 2008

Stalls Are Normal

It doesn't matter how much I rationally understand this, it still annoys me that my weight has remained unchanged for two weeks now. Yes, I know it's normal. Yes, I know that it happens.Yes, I know that others have experienced way more stalls than I have during the course of 8 months so I shouldn't complain. But here I am, complaining anyway, reminding myself to "stay the course" and that the scale will start moving again. I also have to remind myself that if I didn't lose another pound from here on out, I've done amazingly well (repeat over and over Amy, over and over). Yesterday was my 8 month surgiversary. Even that is hard for me to believe. It has been quite an incredible ride these past 8 months. Gotta try and remember that so that my day doesn't go into the crapper before it even starts. :) And here are my pictures from 8 months out...about 113 lbs. down since my consult with Dr. B.

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