Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Just Want to Cry

My son has a lot of anxiety issues...primarily, separation anxiety. It's been an ongoing problem for many years. He saw a counselor for over a year. Just after the Christmas break he started seeing the school social worker weekly. The past two weeks he has ended up in the nurse's office at school because he's "sick"...but he's not really. So today the social worker and I had a chat...and she has spoken to Zachary's teacher as well. And it would seem that some days, he's fine and dandy, and other days he's anxious, preoccupied and emotionally removes himself from interaction with others in his class. My heart is breaking that he is struggling with something and I don't know how to help him. I got the names of some other counselors that I am going to follow-up with as they feel it's time for him to see an outside counselor again. I have tried so very hard to give him a better home life than I had...and yet he still has some of the same issues I had as a kid. :(

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