Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Egg Over Easy

I meet with Melinda (the Nutritionist) next Tuesday (YEAH! solid foods here I come). I met with Dr. B. last week. He said I could try an egg, scrambled, hard boiled, whatever. I tried scrambled on Saturday. Got about halfway through and really felt done. Had an over easy egg Sunday and got probably three quarters of the way through that and felt done. Yesterday, I had a hard boiled egg, and finished it all. I felt satisfied and done when it was gone...not over full, but definitely full. And I found myself wondering if I should have been able to eat that much. Should a whole egg be too much food at this point? Should 1/2 a cup of small curd cottage cheese eaten over a period of 20 minutes be too much if it isn't making me uncomfortable?

So I called and talked to Melinda. She said that yup, I should be able to fit a whole egg (and probably little more), and that 1/2 cup of small curd cottage cheese is fine too. She said I was doing great, that next week we'd get me on even more different foods (YEAH!!!). She said it's really just getting the stomach/pouch re-acclimated to food, which is why it felt so different (kind of odd/strange) the first time I had egg and stopped so soon, and got a little farther the second day, and then finished the egg on the third. I feel relieved.

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