Monday, July 9, 2007

Surgery Day!

Today is the day! I got Zachary off to camp this morning and my friend Phyllis will be here shortly to take me to the hospital. I’m glad she’ll be there with me. I know she can’t wait with me before I go in, but just knowing that she is there and will talk to my surgeon and pass along how I did to my friends and family is reassuring. She and I have talked about this quite a bit and she also is one to help keep me positive.

I have been excited and scared at the same time, and I’ve really tried hard to focus on the positive and do a lot of visualization of a wonderful procedure and outcome. But when I think about the potential for something to go wrong and what that would mean in terms of leaving Zachary without a mom, well, I get very teary and scared. So, I’ve had to talk myself out of that kind of thinking every time it creeps in. And Phyllis is really good about keeping me on track that way. I realize there are risks with this (or any) surgery. But I have done absolutely everything I can to prepare my mind and body for this…I have to trust that I’m ready and everything will be fine. I’ve lost 11 lbs. on the pre-op liquid diet. I plan to tell Dr. B. that I didn’t cheat even once…which I didn’t, because I want my liver to be the smallest liver he’s ever seen.

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