Monday, July 16, 2007

Home After Surgery

I have been home since Thursday evening. I have a 6.5 year old little boy who has some anxiety issues, and has been very, very relieved that mom is home and doing fine. He tries very hard to let me rest, but after 20 minutes he forgets and comes and talks to me, so I haven't had a nap during the day since I've been home. I tried to arrange for play dates over the weekend for him to get out, and none of his friends were available. My friend came over to take him out for a bit and he refused to go. So, I have had no down time. I'm weepy.

I have a brother and sister-in-law. They kept my son overnights (when he wasn't in day camp) last week while I was in the hospital three nights. Since I've been home, it's kind of like they're "done" with assisting me. They took us to the grocery store yesterday (Sunday), but other than that, we haven't seen them since Thursday evening. They know that I haven't gotten any naps in (they say "I'm sorry" but never offer to take him off my hands for any amount of time). For some reason, this is the week they've decided they need to start house hunting and so, that is what they did all weekend. And my brother is excited and calls to tell me about the houses they saw, etc. etc. And I try to listen and be cheerful and supportive...but I am tired and growing resentful that my friends (thankfully) have been more understanding of me needing rest than my family (he and my sister-in-law) have been.

My mom passed away May 2006 unexpectedly...she was a huge helping hand with my son. He's refusing to go to camp today and I don't have it in me to fight with him about it. I was supposed to start back at work half days working from home this week, but I'm still taking some pain medication to help me sleep and I can't really function the way I need to when I'm on that stuff. I feel alone and I want to cry...I thankfully do not want to eat, but I feel sad and overwhelmed and alone.

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