Sunday, June 15, 2008

Losing Vs. Maintaining Weight

My home PC is still dead. The new one has not yet arrived, and neither has the power supply I ordered to replace the dead one in hopes of making a more methodical transfer of data from the old PC to the new PC when it arrives. In any event, I have written down everything I've eaten, but without all the custom nutritional info I have added in my PC version of FitDay, I don't have a hard number of my calories, fat, carbs, fiber, etc. I suspect (as I logged one of my days in the online version of FitDay just to get an idea) that my calorie intake has been between 1200 and 1400 daily. I usually still stick to 1200 and below. My weight is up about a lb. this week, as opposed to losing anything. And yes, I'm semi-freaking out about it. I have about 13 lbs. to get to MY goal. The reality that I may not get to my goal without having to significantly change what I'm doing now (exercise more, eat less) hit me this morning. And I'm trying to feel ok about that. I have a normal BMI, I'm within the normal weight range for my height. Realistically, I'm fine right where I am. But I am still grappling with disappointment and it sounds stupid, even to me, to be complaining about...but it's weighing on me, that I may not make MY goal for me. It is definitely a shift in thought patterns going from losing to maintaining. I have felt fat all week. I know that isn't reality, at least, logically I do. But I feel like I have this paunch of a belly and my leanness is in question. I still made it to the gym 3 times for cardio this week, and 2 times for weights. Yet I feel like somehow, I'm fatter and more out of shape. Therapy ought to be fun tomorrow night, huh?


Anonymous said...

artificial sweeteners can build up in your muscle. Your body will pull in water to dilute the concentration. One of the ways it shows is a belly paunch and puffy fingers. Try on some rings, if they don't fit, knock of the artificial sweeteners for a month. (and expect cramps in your calf muscles during the withdrawl).

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiddo, How goes it today? Don't be too hard on yourself you may not really be up a pound and you know that right?


JC said...

Your less than a year out so settle yourself down, the rest will come off. Review what you have been doing and see if there is any area that might need some adjustment. I believe in you.