Monday, June 9, 2008

*&!^%ing Electronics!

My home PC has crapped the bed. The power supply (I think) went kaput this morning. Not a huge deal you say, right? Well, for me, it's causing me tremendous anxiety. Why? A few reasons. First and foremost, for the past 11 months I have logged my food intake and exercise every day. It has helped me feel in control of my own body and life with regards to my health and weight. Yes, when I get a new PC I will be able to access all of this data. But until then? I feel like I'm blind. I feel like I know nothing on my own without all my customized food values, exercise log, etc. And it's really truly pissing me off and causing me anxiety. Secondly, I work from home many an evening after Zachary has gone to bed. If I can't power up the PC, I can't log on to my work PC and do any work. That makes my flexibility here at work more limited. Thirdly, I have a part-time, home-based business that has all of my data (inventory, sales, etc.) on my PC. Fourthly, much of my person-to-person contact, if you can call it that, with other weight loss surgery folks in my program and on OH is through Yahoo! Messenger during non-work hours. No PC, can't do that either. I feel cut off from my support in some ways as well as my tools. I have many tools, only one of which was my surgery. I have others, like my ability to connect with other people, the tracking of my food and exercise for nutrition and fitness goals. Without free access to all of those tools, well, I'm feeling very out of sorts today.

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