Saturday, January 12, 2008


152 lbs. Wow.

Thoughts on how I’ve been courageous. In confronting serious demons of my past. Deciding to go ahead and be the best single mom I could be when my son's father left me pregnant for a 17 year old. For facing family members who have abused me, and dealing with them directly on those things. Choosing to have this surgery so that I could make my dreams of a better life a reality. When I was married and my ex-husband and I were in counseling together (up at his drug rehab program), I remember the counselor telling me during one of our sessions that I had the courage of a lioness for all that I had not just survived, but confronted and reconciled with in my life. I have never forgotten that, and I try to honor that opinion by not backing away from something just because it's scary. Life has lots of scary things.

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