Monday, January 5, 2009

My Life Is So Rich And Blessed

The more I think about my life, the more I realize just how spectacular it is. That doesn't mean it always feels great, not by any stretch. But it is vibrant with activity and feelings that I actually deal with. The incredible network of friends I have forged over the years sustains me. In my friends is my lifeline, no doubt about it. And the more I open up to them, the more I realize how incredibly well suited they are to being in my life and being what I need right here, right now. I feel as though I've finally started really finding HOARDS of people who, just like me, are willing to deal with life on life's terms. As a result, we can share and bond through those common struggles. How incredible is that?

On New Year's Day, in conversation with my friend Dave, he started talking about the NOW and staying in it. I thought he was actually poking fun at me after reading my blog post. Nope. Turns out he had written something along the same lines for a newsletter he does. It really had me doing a a positive way, and smiling.

This morning, I received an email update from my friend Vicky F. There are two paragraphs from her update that, with her permission, I am posting here because they resonate so strongly with me.

"The purpose of friendship has become the focal point of my heart. It always was the cat’s meow and now it is the lifeblood. I have spent more energy and emotion on the true treasure of living. Friends are everything. At every opportunity take the chance. The richness of living life slower with friendships is worth more than every single quarter I have ever earned. Is it an age thing? Am I beginning to realize the secret of life? Finally, eh?

I want to share a little profoundness. So many physical changes in the last few years have peeled away some armor that I used for protection. I reached out to a therapist to examine my choices of coping mechanisms. I discovered basic rules I have set for myself began before cognitive thinking was even on board. Seeking to educate myself remains my biggest joy. Discovery of the “why” in choices is very revealing. Childhood circumstances can form our lives far into the future. We can choose, every day, forever, how we apply the experiences to our lives. First we have to understand those experiences exist and affect our reason. It has been pure joy to see why I am the way I am. I see more clearly how my choices direct my happiness. My advice: Take the time to be your own friend. Love you ~~ it is miraculous."

Vicky said it so very well. So incredibly well. I share it here with you because I think it's something we all could benefit from embracing.

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