Monday, August 18, 2008

Reached Goal

Several weeks ago when I saw Melinda last, we talked about my personal weight loss goal. Originally, I had the number of 115 lbs. in my mind. Well, after seeing how I look at 125 lbs. I decided that really, a better goal for me would be 120 lbs. If I didn't actually get to 120, but instead stayed between 122 and 126, that was fine by me. So, I upped my calories in an effort to try and stabilize my weight. I subsequently lost about 4 lbs. within the next week. I haven't had a weight loss that large since the first few months post-op. I let Melinda know and she said not to worry, my weight would stabilize. And it stayed pretty stable the next couple of weeks. This morning, I dropped another 4 lbs. since last week's weigh-in. We ate out (healthily, but still) 3 nights within this past week. I am down to 119.6 lbs. I'm fine with that...and pleased that I actually hit my goal though I wasn't really still striving for it. Now I want to make darn sure I don't keep losing this way. I'm already unhappy with how angular my face looks this thin and I don't want to appear gaunt/unhealthy.

This leaves me with a dilemma of sorts. Do I continue to do what I've been doing, and potentially lose 4 lbs. every 3 weeks or so? Or will it indeed stabilize doing what I'm doing? Should I be taking in MORE calories? I am so scared (to be honest) of getting "below" goal and having the mentality of having a few pounds to "play with." I've been there and done that before...and it's dangerous. I would much prefer to just continue the way I am...which means eating healthy, balanced meals frequently, and occasionally having a treat/special item that may extend my calorie range for that day, but overall balances out nicely for the week. It's more of a head thing than a body thing at that point. But I don't know...I'm kind of confused about it all and what I should be doing. So, I'm going to sit on it for a few days and try and figure it out.

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morbidly obtuse said...

I saw follow your dietitian's advice! I've had a problem recently too. (Blogged all about it.)I'm trying to follow my dietitian's advice, and feel like I'm eating way too much. I cheated today. Got in my protein's but didn't eat near as much as she had told me to. (Don't worry, I'm still pre-op!)Chin up though, cause I think you're beautiful! You're big, pretty smile, puts a smile on my face everyday!