Saturday, March 17, 2007

Starting Cardiac Risk Reduction

I went to the first meeting of the Cardiac Risk Reduction Program on Wednesday. I enjoyed it, to be was purely "me" time...and it felt good to get some exercise and realize that I could still be comfortable doing it (except for some knee/foot pain...I'm going to see about switching to something other than the treadmill next week...either that, or it's time for another cortisone injection in my foot). In the meeting portion afterwards, it was very relieving for me to see that there were others there for pre-op to gastric bypass. I hadn't realized that it wasn't "just me" who the team decided they wanted to have a little more time to evaluate. It made me see that it isn't really about my history as much as I might have thought...and it validated the perspective I was trying to adopt that these are all things that will prepare me better for surgery and post-surgery.

My sleep is definitely better. I've really only had one night in the past week and half or two (since starting the Ambien) that I've been up and stayed up a bit because I couldn't sleep. I also bought some guided meditation CDs that I really like...some are great for before bed, but one of them is for the "busy person" and so each meditation is 10 minutes or I can actually just do one at my desk during lunch if I'm so inclined.

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