Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Best Christmas Ever!

This year has been our best Christmas ever! My son is SOOO the perfect age for this! He still believes in Santa (I'm not sure now many more years I'll get out of it, but I'm hoping for AT LEAST one more), and his excitement about all this Christmas is outstanding! We baked and decorated tons of sugar cookies on Sunday (much to MY demise). He was so excited to give gifts out, he woke up at 5:50 a.m. Christmas day and was so cute...woke up saying "Mom, has Santa already been here?" (I was already awake.) I said "yes sweetheart." He bolted up and said "as soon as I stretched I'm wide awake!" I teased him and said "you don't want to go check your presents NOW do you? You want to sleep a little more, don't you?" He met my question with a resounding "NO SLEEP!" He was patient though and waited for me to make the coffee and serve it (my brother and sister-in-law had slept over), and so he was all snuggly on the sofa bed with my sister-in-law (I got a picture of that) and then he was just so cute and thankful for the things he got. Of course, he was told that Santa ALSO visited my brother and sister-in-law's for him, and so after he got his Nintendo DS at home, he said "I get Santa brought me a Wii at Uncle Andy's house". We talked about how Santa typically limits each child to one electronic game system per this might not be the year he gets a Wii. But he was nonetheless very happy with what he got, and he got me a Webkinz Reindeer (I had gotten him one as well), so they are now twins and are named Rudolph and Randolph. And we talked about Santa...and how Santa and Christmas are both all about love, and that love is magic...and that is why Santa is magic and he exists in every single person who shows their love for others. He is just a little love...and he so gets it.

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